11 August 2010

Some Egypt pics

Well, I doubt I'll ever see my camera battery, charger, cord, or memory cards again. They disappeared from my bag somewhere between New York and Cairo. I've replaced them here in Alexandria and unhappily paid far more for them than I did at home. I am glad to have been able to find the necessary items, though-- no photos for the next 5 months would have been really depressing.

So here are a couple of pictures as promised, though you'll have to view them at my flickr site for now. I have maxed out my free storage space on picasa and have to delete some stuff before google will let me add any more photos to the blog.

1 comment:

Katy said...

Hola, amiga! Sorry to hear about your camera stuff... a definite bummer right at the beginning of your trip. But the money spent replacing it will ALL be worth it when you can look back over 5 months worth of amazing, globe-trotting pictures!