13 August 2010

Next stop-- Tanzania

It's been a great visit in Egypt. There were a few wrinkles-- my camera gear was lifted from my bag, and dressing conservatively (long sleeves, long pants, shirts that cover my butt, hair always up) has been a little tedious, but it's going to be hard to leave this place and mainly these people.

My niece has had a bit of trouble getting Rhoda's and my names straight, and eventually just started calling us both Sarah. The other day my niece came over to me and asked where Sarah was. I told her that I was right there. She said, "no, the other one." She seems to enjoy us equally though, and both of us can be called upon in any moment to color with her, push her in her swing, or give her something "special" to eat. (Prunes will suffice as "special" any time!) It's been great catching up with my brother and sister-in-law too, and hearing more about their life here and how the adjustment to a new country has been going. Luckily I'll get to stop back in on my way north from Tanzania and see them all once more :)

A few more Egypt pics are up now on my flickr page.

In Tanzania we'll visit my other brother, who is living and working in eastern Tanzania as part of his masters' degree in biology. We also get to visit some of the places my mom lived as a child when her parents were Mennonite missionaries in Tanzania. I've long wanted to take a family trip to this part of the world to visit my mom's old childhood home, and it's so exciting to actually get to do it!

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