24 September 2008

Fingerprints and paperwork

No, I didn't get arrested again-- I'm just trying to register my Colombian visa here in Bogotá. It's taking longer than I thought, so I might end up spending another day in Bogotá til things get wrapped up.

I arrived last night, at the same time as a Christian band receiving a very warm welcome at the Bogota International Airport. I walked out of the baggage claim to discover all the fans just outside, crowding behind metal barricades, and straining for a glimpse (and a cell phone pic) of the band. Somebody had a guitar, and everyone was singing "Cantaré de tu amor por siempre" (I will sing of your love forever). Anybody know who sings that?

I'm staying with a very hospitable Mennonite couple here in Bogotá. José Luis even accompanied me all over town this morning, and agreed to do it again tomorrow. Apparently my visa doesn't include specific enough information about my work in Colombia, so I have to go to another office to have that clarified on my visa. Then the immigration office can issue me a cédula, or ID card, which will state my status and allow me to carry it instead of my passport for identification.

With the added morning of paperwork, I'll probably leave for Barrancabermeja on Friday instead of Thursday. More later!


Anonymous said...

Google says there's a band named "Delirious?" that sings "Cantaré de tu amor por siempre", and their tour calendar says they perform In Bogota Sept. 24 and 25.


Anonymous said...

I knew a guy from Redding England who was a big fan of Delirious. I have a tape of theirs from 1998. I think that song is on it!


Anonymous said...

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